For the Customers

We scrupulously cultivate relationships with potential and existing customers so that they can enjoy a high degree of satisfaction on the human, professional and commercial profile!

For this we offer:

  • Personalized purchase advice
  • Choice of established brands
  • Choice of emerging and innovative brands
  • Choice of “programmed ready” collections of clothing and footwear
  • After-sales assistance
  • Convenience on the logistics front
  • Organization of events and complementary training services on Visual Merchandising, assisted sales techniques, KPI analysis, Customer Relationship Management

For Partner Companies

Our efficiency is maximized to create value for your history, the reputation of your brand and your product!

For this we offer:

  • Modern and well-kept location with spaces that are constantly studied and remodeled to best represent the identity of each Brand in a Business key and emphasize the product
  • Loyal customers package in our twenty years of experience with constantly updated database
  • Knowledge of the Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta territory
  • Constant prospecting activity
  • Analysis and Reporting activities
  • Credit management
  • Communication and visibility on our social channels updated daily
  • Customer Relationship Management